Are you calling me Naive?

The word “naive” often has a negative connotation related to meaning a “lack of shrewdness, sophistication, or street smarts”.  More interestingly, the root of the word naive means “natural, native, or not artificial”.  It also has a positive connotation of “simple and childlike”.  We’ve named these products in light of our held philosophy in which we believe that products we use everyday should be simple, natural, trustworthy, and should also lack the dishonesty of unrealistic claims and the dangers of harmful ingredients. We strive for the peacefulness of healthy living by providing well made products for everyday life that help us reclaim some of the childlike carefree joy of not worrying about the harmful effects of using mass produced mainstream products.  Naive Skin Care products are handmade, high quality, non-toxic products that are the solution for a number of everyday skin care needs.  Organic ingredients are used whenever possible, and minimal processing is used in our small batch production.  No preservatives in the products mean a shorter shelf life, which means our products typically made to order and are always as fresh as possible.  We are always working on new great smelling, safe, and effective products to add to our line. Questions about our products? Let us know!